Road Map

GRA Road Map - Last time updated : v0.6.7

  • Production Cycle 
Using a system similar to DF reaction system could be a good idea. Primary resources could be produced in specific factories, or be imported using a tax, or taken directly by the factory manager's funds. Such system would permit customizable and moddable production chains for specific game items.
  • Fix Money and Item Overflow
Basically without a cap, money climbs up indefinitely. Taxes will be introduced to regulate the mechanism, they will also be used to pay the cops and other public services.  Regarding items, a decay could be added to shops inventories, also using thieves and pawnshops will help with the issue.
  • Couriers must hurry
A subway system should be added to help. Cars would be good too, but it's another matter.


Most of the stuff for the faction are working OK. What's still missing are interactions with the player. More missions types will be added. Factions should also get the ability to control buildings in addition to sector.


AI still benefits from tweaking and improvements. NPC's behave more or less correctly but adding more variety and a more straightforward action selection system could still help a lot.

Several jobs which are still bare-bone (cop, thieves, traders, medics) will be completed. And new ones will be added, like dealers, handymen, rent-a-cops.

  • Cover System 
  • Stealth
  • Sound Detection
  • Customizable Ammo


The Police faction should track crimes in a more realistic way, with personal records on criminals. A new NPC job (detectives) would be needed to do so. I may try to add some kind of process to find criminals. A murderer may need to spend several turns to clean his mess (depending on stats, skills..) otherwise cops may be able to track him down. As a result, adding a Justice System would be possible at a later stage.


Metro lanes will be implemented. You won't be able to visit the lanes but it will be a method for both NPC and the player to travel quickly across long distances. The basics of the system are already in the code, but i still need to produce the 'inner' metro map and make NPC comprehend the system.

Including cars (or any mean of transportation) in a turn based game is something very tricky as any RL programmer could tell you. Handling the display, animations, and most importantly driving is a complex issue. So, even if cars will be implemented in a form or another, it's a low priority target, it needs a lot of things done first like private property, general AI and such before getting something satisfying.

  • Emergent Mission System
For those who know me for my X3 artificial life plugins, you already know I don't like scripted missions. A good game engine should analyze the world map and generate missions based on the situation. It's what I did in my Pirate Guild plugins and that's the road I will try to follow here. The advantage here, as a programmer, is that I have full control over the environment, so missions won't be restricted to simple kill and fetch quests. However, all (or at least most of) the previous elements need to be implemented first.
  • Player Interactions
The main gameplay related goal of GRA is that the player can take any job he wants. If he want to be an office worker, fine (even if boring), if he want to be a master thief or an assassin that should also be working, the AI has been built around that fact. That's also why the player character, game-wise, is exactly the same as any other NPC. All that need to be changed code-wise is a single variable, the current player's job. Of course most, if not all, of the mission system will be available to illicit characters only (GTA themed game after all).

  • Light System
Day/Night cycle and different weather effects have to be included with more or less potent effects on NPC/PC skills and statistics (night boost stealth but reduces perception for example).
  • Sounds and Music
Sound effects (weapons), ambiance background (in hospitals, bars and such), and music will be added. I will use the FMOD library for that.