February 29, 2012

version 0.58 should be out during the week

As you can see in the screenshot, destructible terrain is now included, as the ability to target a specific tile instead of a NPC. This version should have been released yesterday, but I am encountering some minor problems when modifying the user interface code to incorporate the ability to attack a specific tile without adding another keyboard shortcut. Rushing the issue would only lead to a buggy release, so a little patience is needed here.

Feature-wise, hit chance calculations have been sightly modified. When a shot is missed, instead of doing nothing, it will hit a nearby tile with all the consequences such an action could have, like killing a friendly target (or even yourself when using an area of effect weapon). Weapons and tiles have a piercing/material strength setting used to determine if a specific weapon can destroy a wall or not. Also the DeanApocalypse theme become the default one and the other is removed from the release as maintaining both will double the time wasted on creating tiles. And, as mentioned in the first paragraph, the combat related user interface will be altered. Pressing the attack key will select the last/nearest target, using the keypad or the mouse will allow to select another target, and pressing the attack key again will validate the shot. In a similar fashion that ToME4 currently does. The middle mouse button will be used to directly attack any tile or target without a confirmation click.

The way citizen and police officers react to fights will also be improved in this release. Policemen and gang members won't ignore the fact that you are gunning down friendlies right under there nose as much as they do now.


  1. Awesome can't wait to see where this game goes. Have you thought about advertising it more? Like posting to www.tigsource.com forums, www.indiedb.com and www.roguebasin.com ?

  2. Thanks :)

    As the game is still in a relatively early stage of development, I don't think that dragging too many people here would be such a good move. Been there, done that and most of those people may be driven away by the lack of a scenario or goal for the player. However, I still publish my major new versions on ElderLore and Reddit.

    So yes, I will publish in indie gaming forums/websites. But it's just not the right time to do so in my humble opinion.