May 29, 2012

Grand Rogue Auto 0.6.0 Released

This release, available in the download section, adds the Military Faction. This faction has a large base with multiple levels and several barracks, taking a whole sector. This is a passive faction at the moment (it won't invade sectors). However, anyone who isn't military himself will be shot on sight if he dares entering in one of the buildings. In the highest level of the base you'll find the Military Commander wearing an experimental and unique weapon. However managing to kill him or even getting access should be pretty damn hard.

This is a first basic and short (but hard) dungeon. A lot of work is still needed but all the major hurdles regarding such additions have been overcome. Don't waste time looting the various chests into the military base, loot tables aren't implemented in this release. More dungeon-type buildings and special locations will come in the next release (the military base itself will also be improved).

This version also fixes numerous AI related bugs, some of them were pretty major, and as a result actions and reactions from NPC should make much more sense now (behaviors like policemen and soldiers not doing anything while hell is breaking loose around them or people stopping in the middle of a fight because they want a snack should be much less common).
Other changes include several tweaks made to the gang warfare system and a new (largely untested) game mode where cops have been removed from the map. The full changelog is included in the readme.txt.


  1. Congrats on another successful release---keep up the finely crafted work!

  2. something to kick the school boredoom ass during the week! keep up the good work =)

  3. A thing I forgot to add in my recent posts. I also added the ability for my engine to split large buildings into several rooms (using some BSP algorithm). It's only used for the military base at the moment, but can be put into any other large building.
    Apart from the more realistic feel of the buildings, it would allow me to customize how stuff are placed into buildings, so we can have kitchen / living / bed - rooms. It would need a lot of alterations in the editors and some in the city generator and AI code, so I am not sure how deep I want to go with this yet.