June 7, 2012

Dev Update : Dungeon Editor

The 0.6.5 release should out as soon as the various bugs, introduced by said version, have been fixed. It shouldn't take too long. The main new feature is the Dungeon Editor.

This tool allows to modify or add new dungeon-type buildings to the city. As you can see in the screenshot, it allows to set the loot and enemy tables. Of course, a few new dungeons will be added by default with the game. I am not sure about the exact content yet.

Other changes include:
  • A new building size (very large, 3x3 blocks) is used by the city generator to add some variety and more importantly, give some space to dungeons.
  • Any building larger than the smallest ones can be split into different rooms. This feature is still a bit bare-bone, but it will be improved over time.
  • The game should use less CPU thanks to the refactoring of some critical parts of the code. More optimizations will gradually be added in next versions.
  • Default weapon (fists) is moddable like any other weapon.
  • More NPC and items to populate the dungeon loot and enemy tables

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