January 31, 2012

Grand Rogue Auto 0.5.4 Released

After this long pause, here is a new version of Grand Rogue Auto. 

As usual it's available in the download section. The most notable additions are the handling of smoke and the new throw weapons (grenades). The user interface has been modernized (a bit), items have a weight now and the player a maximum carrying capacity. Several bugs, mostly related to the stamina, have been fixed. The game is also much more responsive on modern computers than it was before.

Smoke, depending on density can block vision and/or reduce accuracy. It spreads in a natural fashion (well, sort of), and as a result, smoke grenades can be used as a getaway mechanism. It's not yet possible to throw a grenade on an empty tile, though.

The user interface is a bit less "windowy" and a fullscreen display can be toggled on/off by pressing F12. The window used by weapon shops is now used in other stores as well. The various inventory windows still need to be rewritten. Speaking of inventory, like I said in the intro, most items have a weight now, and your character has a maximum carrying capacity (which is 15kg + Strength + Endurance). It is currently a hard limit. I will probably add a better system later, where the additional burden will influence stamina and stamina regen. 

I also fixed most issues with area of effect weapons, and stamina. There's probably a few changes that went undocumented due to the delayed release, nothing major.

As for smoke, I hope to include fire effect and spread in next release. Several new commands will appear for the player (push, fire at location, sneak). Sound FX and music may also be introduced. Also, under the hood, I am putting things in place to have a more interactive terrain: walls and furniture should become destroyable soon.

Also, thanks to all of those who posted comments.
I am going back to a more active development cycle.



  1. Great news dude, will be glad to play this!

  2. Good to read. Will try it out asap! Release has of course been noted down for my next roguelike report. :)

  3. Thanks ! :)

    By the way, due to the amount of different weapons available in-game, you may have to search a little while before finding any store selling smoke grenades. It's the only available thrown weapon atm. More will of course come, meanwhile you can add yours with the editor.

  4. Having great fun, messing around with modding, great job Serial. Can you make it so you can put weapons on your quick access bar?

  5. Not in the next version because of the way things are currently written. But, yes, it's already on my to-do list. Meanwhile, and in case you don't already know it, right-clicking the "attack" button allows to quickly switch between available weapons.

    Also, the item bar will be extended to the usual 10 buttons pretty soon :)