January 28, 2012

Update monday/tuesday

Hey !

I'll publish a new version Monday or Tuesday. It will feature real smoke (natural spread, block vision, reduced accuracy  according to smoke level) and fire (here again it will spread in a relatively realistic fashion). Throw weapons will be available too (Smoke / HE grenades, Cocktail Molotov). The user interface has been improved and a full screen mode (sort of) has been added. Code-wise a few steps have been written toward a destructible terrain and pushable objects.

Regarding the mission system, and other stuff delayed by my leave. As I said in the last post, I want to focus on the pure gameplay / engine first. Currently the fighting and interaction mechanisms are way too basic for my taste. So, for a while I am going to expand those areas (so the player can sneak around enemies, destroy buildings with explosives and so on). I don't have an ETA for when it's going to be done, calendars are my worst enemies. But it shouldn't take too long. Meanwhile NPC and City-Sim stuff will still be added.


  1. That's great keep up the good work

  2. This game is awsome keep em comeing buddy!