January 13, 2012

Okay, problems fixed !

So, I have corrected all the previously explained issues. and I can continue onward with GRA. Yeepee.. I am currently modernizing the GUI, adding some sound FX. Items will probably become weighted and the player inventory will be limited by weight (based on strength) instead of slots. And misc other additions. That's for relatively soon.

In the long term I hope to make the engine multithreaded so the game can take advantage of multiple CPU core. The priority is low, though. Rooms will be added to buildings, it should allow to have more control on how furniture ares placed into buildings. 

Missions and stuff are more or less on hold until I can put more meat into the gameplay (hence the destructible terrain, explosives). I may add 'real' smoke/fire, replace the move/run commands by 3 stances: stealth, normal, and running. Destructible terrain would be nice too. Globally I'd like to get something similar to xcom / jagged alliance but with less action points and one guy to control if that make sense. :) 

It would also help with the "more focused game" I would like to write, this one being xcom-like in a different setting.


  1. Fantastic---congrats on the deft recovery!

  2. Awsome keep up the good work!

  3. Great news when will you add the missions and other stuff???

  4. Keep it up. You might try getting your game on Desura, or hand it out to LPers on Youtube, when you think you're ready for a huge crowd of players.

  5. @Anon (jan 22): Well, yes I will submit it to a larger crowd when ready. But not until general "goals" and missions are added.

    @Anon (jan 17): Don't know yet. I am confident that the gameplay changes I am currently working on will be done quickly. Beside, some code structures have already been written regarding the mission stuff, even if it's not visible in-game.