June 27, 2012

Grand Rogue Auto 0.6.5 Released

The version 0.6.5 of GRA has been released !
It's available in the download section.

This release introduces the first proper dungeon (Necro-Tech building) and, of course, the dungeon editor. It also fixes numerous bugs and issues, mainly related to factions. It also add a new building size (very large 3x3). Currently, it is only used for dungeons and a place-holder factory, but more will come. However, the Military Base introduced in 0.6.0 doesn't have loot yet and isn't a moddable dungeon. I will see what I can do about that in the next version. Also, even if modding a new dungeon by yourself is possible, the process to do so isn't really intuitive. I will post a tutorial / video about that soon.

In other news : the code itself has been optimized, and as a result the game should take a bit less RAM and CPU than before; new weapons and objects have been added (to populate the dungeon); also, some older NPC had a facelift.

As usual check the changelog below for a complete list of changes. You can also check the previous Dev. Update for more details.

v0.6.5 - Dungeon Update [breaks savegames, modded bodies, factions]
- [AI] Prevent NPC who are in combat from dying of hunger while fighting
- [Engine] Large parts of the code regarding the game database have been optimized
- [Engine] CPU and RAM usage reduced
- [Engine] Added failsafe mechanisms to prevent crashes when the database is incomplete (by bad modding)
- [Engine] Added some info to aLife Spy and City Stats debug windows
- [Factions] Civilian in gang sectors zones may be converted into thugs on respawn
- [Gameplay] Dungeons have loot
- [Graphics] Added some sprites and added new ones
- [World] Added the NecroTech building / dungeon
- [World] Added "very large" building types (3x3 blocks)
- [World] All big enough buildings can be split in rooms
- [World] Hard limit on the max amount of money a NPC can have (until eco overhaul)
- [Modding] Dungeon Editor (with loot tables, chest lock settings, enemy lists)
- [Modding] Default weapon (fists) is now moddable like the others.
- Fixed : Random crash caused by incomplete NPC templates
- Fixed : Factions were unable to recruit if they don't score a victory
- Fixed : An issue causing people to respawn with the wrong faction in some cases
- Fixed : Bug causing faction HQ to be medium sized, no matter the data
- Fixed : Loading screen not displaying HQ locations properly
- Fixed : Civilian buildings weren't tagged as such
- Fixed : Factions trying to invade sectors with 0 available people.


  1. Speedy work on another release, well done!

  2. Good Stuff! keep it up Serial :)

  3. Glad to see you continue working on GRA, the game is shaping up very nice!