July 10, 2012

Grand Rogue Auto 0.6.7 Released

This quick release fixes a few annoying issues introduced in v0.6.x. It also adds new features regarding thievery. First, a new NPC type, the thief, has been implemented. As the name implies, it will steal things from containers. A new building, the bank, has also been added. Coffers in the banks contains a lot of money. Also, containers found in houses may contain money, and may be locked. Alarms will also attract cops. None of those changes are fleshed out yet. I am mainly releasing this early to remove the (involuntary) money cap put on the player and to fix some annoying bugs in the map generator.

The next version will improve over this and should add the news system. I will also try to link the bank to the city economy.

v0.6.7 - Fixes and Thievery
[AI] Basic Thief AI implemented
[Engine] Zones can be individually set as 'private' (added to editor aswell)
[Gameplay] Triggering alarm has a probability of calling a cop if one is nearby
[NPC] Burglars added
[World] Some chests may now contain money
[World] Some low level locked containers into houses, useful for skill training
[World] Bank building added
- Fixed : Impossible to get money from containers
- Fixed : No faction assigned after multiple class change in creation window
- Fixed : Hard money limit was also applied to the player
- Fixed : Some of the generated cities may cause memory leak
- Fixed : The game may be unable to find a place for a Dungeon/HQ even if exists
- Fixed : Wrong default settings for some factions


  1. Ouch, small packaging in the current build, I am currently fixing that. Meanwhile, when creating a new game, hit the RND button next to "city seed".

  2. Issue fixed. New package uploaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.