September 14, 2012

Grand Rogue Auto 0.69 Released

As last year, it was summer so I wasn't around. However, I did produce some code, and even enough to publish a new version of GRA. This is kind of an important update because I am going to explain what is now going to happen to this project and to the next one.

So, first things first, let's explain the new additions.

Game objects like TV, containers, machines can now be targeted and broken. As a result, windows have been added to a lot of buildings and those can give an alternate entry point to players who haven't focused points into lockpicking. At the moment very few items are destructible because i don't have the willpower to produce the art assets, but the mechanism to do so is implement which is the most important part. The GUI has been updated, now the upper right panel shows HP and info about objects when you are targeting those. As a result, the "furniture editor" has been updated and allows to set a particular graphic for destroyed furniture.

So, right now, the whole gameworld is destructible. It is not yet handled by the NPC AI very well. If you allow beds to be destroyable and destroy a home, I have no idea how NPC will react, especially as there's no hotel at the moment.

I also fixed a few behaviors "bugs". Cops are now much more likely to patrol banks. The "call a cop" function called by civilians wasn't working, and it's now fixed. Area of Effect damage wasn't causing an appropriate response from the target(s) and it's fixed as well .

I am also in the process of adding customizable ammunition, this is visible in the Weapon Editor. It's not yet implemented, but in the next version, weapons will have modifiers / special FX that will be applied to the guy wearing the weapon, while ammo modifiers will be applied to the target. So, you'll be able to equip your AK with fire ammo, or shock ammo and so on..

I also fixed L shaped buildings so they are not so prone on blocking pathing with randomized clutter. I also added semi rare T shaped buildings.

This said. And that's both sad and good news. GRA is going to be discontinued. I still have to add the handling of lights and sound. The ability to stealth your way in and a few other gameplay related stuff. But once I am done with that, I will switch to Z-COM.

First, I literally don't have any money left, I am going to work in a few weeks and as a result my productivity will be going down. I'd love to become an Indie developer, but let's be honest this is not with something as vague as GRA that I am going to be a successful one.Secondly, even if writing a city simulator is fun. I am wasting a large part of what my engine is capable of doing because I can't put it into the game.

So yeah, you are going to get 2 or 3 new major versions of GRA (+ fixes) and then i will switch to my other project that I will detail in future posts. For those who are wondering: this is going to be a donate-ware. Free for everyone, but if you feel like I deserve a cent, well, you can make a donation through paypal.

v0.6.9 - Lazy Summer Edition
 (+) [AI] Cops much more likely to patrol banks
 (+) [Engine] Ability to break objects like windows and furniture
 (+) [Gameplay] when owned by a gang, alarms will call thugs instead of cops
 (+) [GUI] The 'Online Documentation' option in the help menu links to the wiki
 (+) [GUI] Info Panel shows detailed info about clutter/objects
 (+) [Modding] Furniture Editor updated to handle destructible objects
 (+) [World] Added T shape for large buildings
 (+) [World] Made L shaped buildings a bit larger inside (should fix unreachable items too)
 (+) [World] Added windows to buildings
 (*) Fixed : The "Call a Cop" function called by alarms wasn't working properly
 (*) Fixed : Not possible to fire at objects directly
 (*) Fixed : Container window was causing an error when emptying something already empty
 (*) Fixed : AoE damage doesn't trigger appropriate response / alert level changes
 (*) Fixed : Weapon Info panel wasn't showing weapon type for throw weapons
 (*) Fixed : Shopping window wasn't showing weapon count for throw weapons


  1. Ha, just a day or so short of Annual Roguelike Release Party 2012...unless you release a super minor bugfix to slip in(!)---still good to see the update and very interested in seeing how the successor project will come together.

  2. Also getting one of these still on the Downloads page:

    "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist"

  3. Still no download.

  4. gimmemah download link pls

  5. Cant wait to play this but only if I knew where to download it.

  6. Sorry, for some reason the download page has been removed. I'm sure i didn't do it, but still it happened :/ Changed most of my passwords as a result and it's now available.

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