November 4, 2012

Download Grand Rogue Auto (GRA) 0.6.9

For some reason, the download page has been put to rest. It's now fixed and Grand Rogue Auto 0.6.9 is now available for everybody. Like i said earlier, don't expect me to continue much further on this project. The engine behind it is now solid enough and GRA has always been a tech demo. I can now make a good game out of it while GRA was, let's say 'dumb fun'. It's still highly moddable, even if the process can be relatively hard to grasp. And people can right now add a ton of content through the "dungeon" system. I don't think that modding the engine myself would help very much.

I do know there's a few broken promises from the roadmap. So let me explain myself. I basically have ten unfinished artificial life related projects That's what i do, AL. I have a relatively accurate zombie outbreak simulator (yeah accurate and I stand by this word), I have a totally abstract 3D opengl darwinian life simulator, and so on. I'm interested in this kind of stuff, GRA has reached its limit. Well, not really, but being restricted to the GTA-RL genre is kinda a problem in itself.

So, the next game, based on the same engine, called Necro-Watch, will be relatively unique despite being based on the good old zombie apocalypse scenario. It will have a XCOM vibe, it will be moddable, procedurally generated, and difficult. This project will be, as usual, a freeware. But, as I obviously need to make a living, it will also be a "donate-ware". In other words, you'll be able to download the full game free of charge, and if you think it deserve some credit, you can donate a few cents/dollars/euros/whatever to keep me going. No copy protection in any shape or form. But of course, let's be honest, if I gain money building this simulator, I will continue doing so, otherwise, well, I'll get a boring job.



  1. Sounds like a promising future indeed between the likes of this and X@COM RL gaining momentum on dev and mod/TC support fronts this past while. Keep at that fine work!

    Is there any rough timeline in your head as to when we will start to see any in-dev roadmap articles or even so far as an initial release for Necro-Watch? From the sound of things, somewhere in the first half of 2013 strikes me as good odds on account of being able to harvest the various applicable parts of GRA?

  2. is this still a thing? do you still put out development stuff? do you plan to add items? if so, count me in as a follower to this!