June 24, 2012

Dev Update : 0.6.5 Release

The 0.6.5 version of GRA should be available somewhere between Sunday and Monday. I could release it right now, but I am tweaking the new dungeon and debugging a few errors I found adding this stuff. Anyway, here is what's going to happen in this release and the few next ones.

June 12, 2012

Dev Update : AI going rogue

I've let run the latest development build a whole day in the fastest "real-time" mode available. And here are the results. This post will also explain various major changes which are going to happen in the next versions.

Also, I know there's a few coders reading this blog, so I guess you'd love reading about this "new" path-finding algorithms (read it, seriously) which have the same advantages as the good old A* with a 10x speed factor. That's something I may give a try as my pathfinder algorithm is basically my biggest bottleneck in terms of performances. The second one is especially interesting given how easy it is to implement, but it can't manage a weight for each node (meaning that it's a no-go for GRA but others should find it very very useful). The first one could be a winner, but it requires way more changes in my current code. Don't forget to read the PDF linked by the article as they are the real stuff.

Anyway, let's talk about GRA !

June 7, 2012

Dev Update : Dungeon Editor

The 0.6.5 release should out as soon as the various bugs, introduced by said version, have been fixed. It shouldn't take too long. The main new feature is the Dungeon Editor.

June 3, 2012

Grand Rogue Auto 0.6.1 Released

Here is a quick update to the user interface, after the larger former release (v0.6.0 release).

I added a list of currently active effects (like wounds) on the screen displayed as icons. Hovering the mouse will show a description. Also, when right clicking a npc, a nice looking and much more informative menu will popup. Moving the mouse outside of the popup window auto close it. Keyboard shortcuts are still working when this popup is active.

I also added 2 zombie types. They are a bit less common than standard ones, who have been tweaked too.