June 25, 2011

Progress Update (2011, June 25)

Yeah I am out of unique titles, so I will use generic ones from now on ^^.

Anyway, you will have to wait for another week or so until the next version is released. Implementing real buildings with several floors is much trickier than I initially thought. The game wasn't programmed to handle this feature in the first place and as a result I am forced to alter / rewrite large parts of both the general and the AI code. Moreover, adding optional floors to buildings raises several critical performance issues in such a NPC heavy game. I have some ideas to alleviate the additional processing power required but testing those ideas takes time. I will keep you posted.


  1. Serial,
    Did you get your name from Cereal?

    Aside from the dumb questions, hows the situation going in the dev?

  2. Nope, it comes from years ago when I was playing counter-strike (the old one) at a relatively high level (played and lost against a few pro teams). During this era I had the tendency of being kicked out of casual servers for "cheating". So I took serial kicked as a play on word between serial killer and that fact.

    Anyway, I am doing my best to finish the update during this weekend. I finally managed to implement the buildings with several floors, and it was a real pain. To be honest I was about to drop the feature completely. Now, I still need to change relatively numerous parts of the code so those floors are taken into account by NPC, and to correct the various bugs caused by the buildings.

  3. Will there be massive buildings which take up the entire map? Like the lower floor of a bank?

    Example: Rogue Survivor's char underground facility.

  4. I'll take that as a no.

  5. Sorry, i skipped your comment.

    Take that as a possibility. There's no hardcoded limit to the size of a floor. Well, it's currently by default the size of the ground floor but that's something I can change and/or allow to mod easily when the need for such feature arise.

    I will put that in place when I review the zone placing code, allowing to design rooms in a specific floor/building.